The Ranch House living room features original wood floors, along with antiques from Mexico and India and provides a great atmosphere in which to relax. The significant size of this room lends itself to working out arrangements or preproduction as The Swans did for two of the records that they recorded at Sonic Ranch.

The 6 bedroom Ranch House is adjacent to de Adobe Studio. The original section of the house goes back to the 1920’s when outlaw Pancho Villa frequented the area.

The Ranch House kitchen features a large antique table from Mexico along with the original pine floors with date back to the 1920's.

The newly remodeled kitchen features modern appliances along with beautiful "Knotty Alder" wood cabinets.

The back wall feature original artwork by the artist Mati Klarwein who created Santana's Abraxas album cover.

The Ranch House dining room provides another multi use space which can be used as spare bedroom.

The "Ranch House Bungalow" is made of adobe and features a rustic cathedral ceiling and a very cozy vibe, it has its own private bathroom.

The master bedroom features lithographs from Paris and a writing desk from India. It adjoins the living room and has its own newly remodeled bathroom.

Each of the Ranch House bedrooms have comfortable Sealy Posturepedic beds and their own unique decor.

This room features “Tiffany” style lamps, Picasso lithographs and a writing desk.

This room features an exquisite Roman style stone floor and an antique dresser along with lithographs from Paris.

This room features a natural red marble floor, dressers from 1930’s England and late 1800’s France.

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