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- indie package and online mixing and mastering -


For people who are not able to travel to Sonic Ranch first hand, we offer On Line mixing, mastering, vocal and drums editing.

You will be working with engineers with extensive discographies who have worked with highly regarded artists including the Yeah, yeah, yeahs, Beach House, Animal Collective, Band of Horses, Connor Orbest, Portugal de man, Sublime with Rome, The Dirty Heads and many more.

- indie production pakage -

Realizing the challenge of financing independent projects while simultaneously needing to achieve the highest production value, Sonic Ranch is offering an INDIE "All in" production package which includes:

  1. Preproduction and set up at Sonic Ranch
  2. Use of all Sonic Ranch's instruments, drums, mics, pedals, etc.
  3. Living accommodations and meals for artists, producer, and engineer.
  4. Tracking in one of Sonic Ranch's great tracking rooms through vintage Neve or Api mic pre/Eqs with your engineer or Sonic Ranch's engineers who have worked on major projects.
  5. Editing of drums, guitars and vocal tuning.
  6. Mixing on vintage Neve or SSLs with an extensive collection of vintage outboard gear and all plug ins.
  7. Mastering in the Sonic Ranch's mastering suite with State Of the Art equipment.

Artist input and direction is accommodated at all stages with guaranteed result.

Call or email us for more detail in this package.

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