The Mastering Suite features top of the line mastering equipment and software including an IGS Tubecore Mastering Edition compressor, a Weiss EQ1-Dyn-LP mastering digital equalizer, a Maselec ML3 stereo triband compressor, a Manley Massive-Passive mastering equalizer with tube circuitry, a Manley Variable MU custom modified with T -Bar and M/S and HiPass side chain modifications, a Shadow Hills Mastering compressor, etc. The monitoring for the mastering room features B&W 802D. Mastering possibilities include a half-inch analog with a MIke Spitz modified ATR 102. The Vincent Van Haff acoustic design is complemented by fabrics from Paris and Belgium along with two Salvador Dali lithographs.

Marco A. Ramirez, our multi-Grammy-winning mastering engineer, will attend to your choice of online or in-studio sessions. Highest quality files can be sent for approval through the internet. You can contact Marco directly at, he will make sure that you receive the highest possible standard of quality and satisfaction guaranteed.

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