The spirit of the Old Southwest, where outlaws Pancho Villa and Billy the Kid ran, is still intact in the areas, plazas, and jails they frequented. Apache Indian campgrounds where artifacts yet can be found are within a mile of the studio.

Some of the oldest missions in the US are in the area. Taos, Santa Fe, Ruidoso, White Sands, the Gila Wilderness and Carlsbad Caverns (the largest in the world) can also be visited on days off.The nightlife, markets, and unique multi-cultural aspects of Juarez, Mexico, with a population of 2 and a half million, can also be taken in on a day off or the night out. The magnificent Tiffany Dome at the historic Camino Real Hotel can be taken in with music and drinks on the weekend. Along with giving tours of the area, Sonic personnel can help set clients up with other requests and amenities.

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