The Big Blue Control Room features an extraordinary One of the kind Neve 4048. There are forty 1081 modules along with four 2254 stereo compressors and flying faders to accommodate the mixdown. Daft Punk tracked their last album on this console when it was at Ocean Studios Burbank.


This magnificent Big Blue Control Room is very spacious and inspirational on many levels.

There are four spacious ISO booths attached to the control room, they all are different and unique. This one features fabrics from the Mayan ruins close to the Yucatan pyramids.

The Big Blue Tracking Room has a large selection of baffles and rugs to attenuate the room specifically to what is need it for each setup

The Big Blue Tracking Room has a beautiful view of orchards along with the mountains in Mexico at sunset.

This picture gives you another perspective of some of the configurations that can be built within the Big Blue Tracking Room.

This extraordinary Yamaha C3 piano lives in the Big Blue Tracking Room.

This meditation center towards the back of the large Tracking Room is made of 600-year-old columns from India.

The original artwork on the west wall was painted by Hanna of Group Love.

Squeaker is enjoying some meditation time on one of the couch setups that are used for writing and relaxing.

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