The spacious Big Blue Control Room allows for more keyboards and instruments to be set up and ready to record.

The Big Blue Control Room features an extraordinary One of the kind Neve 4048.  There are forty-1081 modules, four 2254 compressors, and flying faders to accommodate the mixdown. Daft Punk tracked their last album on this console when it was at Ocean Studios Burbank.

The monitoring in the Big Blue Control Room is extraordinarily accurate, on both the near fields and the mains. 

The outboard gear in the Big Blue Control Room is extensive. If you need more specific items, we may be able to provide them from the gear list. 

The Yamaha C7 Grand Piano is an amazing instrument. The marimba is from the 1930s.

The ISO booth on the left entering the Control Room is set up with multiple Bass options for this picture. The Basses featured in the shoot are the Hofner, the 65 Jazz Bass that belonged to Tim Lefebvre, the 66 P-Bass, the 62 Jazz Bass, A 66 Jazz Bass, and the 78-P Bass that belonged to Paco from Molotov. Ther is also a B15 and a 63 Blue Face Ampeg head, 

The Redwood ISO Booth features a 61' LesPaul SG, a 69' Purple Plexi, a 51' Fender Deluxe, a Black Face 62' Showman, and a 64' Super Reverb.

The Mayan ISO booth witch features fabrics from Yucatan pyramids, the extraordinary microphones featured in this room are, left to right; Neumann 269, RCA 44, ELAM 251, Telefunken U47 Chrome Top, AKG C12, Neumann U47, Neumann U67, and Neumann M249.

The Chagall ISO booth to the right entering the Control Room is large enough to accommodate the 78' Blue Gretch "Stop Sign Badge" kit. It sounds extraordinary in this space.

The Hammond B3 is an extraordinary instrument with a 147 Leslie. The Yamaha CP80 is in mint condition. The artwork in the background features two original Dali lithographs.

The back of the Big Blue Tracking Room is extraordinary for drum tracking and can accommodate multiple setups.  This room also faces the Rio Grande, beautiful mountains, orchards, and sunsets.  This picture features our DW VLT Series Waterfall Bubinga kit that includes a 23 x 18 kick, 14 x 5.5 snare, 10 x 8, 12 x 9, 13 x 10, 14 x 12, 16 x 14 and a 18 x 16 floor tom. The baffles directly behind the kit are made of cork and create a more "live" sound. Sonic Ranch has a collection of baffles that allows unique soundscapes.

Sonic Ranch has an extensive Amp and Guitar collection. This setup features a 51' Deluxe, 58' Harvard, a one of a kind JTM45 Blues Breaker amplifier made for Billy Gibbons, 59' Bassman, Komet 60 head, 69' Marshall Purple Plexi, 62' Black Face Showman, 66' Super Reverb, 66' Custom JMI hand-wired AC30 and a Vibroluxe that belonged to Erik Johnson. The guitars in this photo are; a 61' Gibson SG, 75' Fender Tele Deluxe owned by Jerry Finn, a 61' Fender Squire, a  335 100 anniversary, and a 325 Gibson.

The Yamaha C3 Grand Piano in the Big Blue Studio is extraordinary at all levels.

The Big Blue tracking room can accommodate many different configurations. This configuration features a Slingerland Drum kit with a 22" Kick and a 13", 16" and an 18" Toms. The 600-year-old antique pillars from India add to the vibe and atmosphere. The baffle configuration for this setup provides a tide control sound.

This baffle configuration close-up features a DW Maple Collector Series with a natural finish drum kit with a 22" kick and a 12", 13" and a 16" toms.

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