Sonic Ranch is a complete five studio, residential recording complex in a private country setting surrounded by pecan orchards, bordering the Rio Grande and Old Mexico.
We are located just 30 miles east of El Paso international airport.
The studio complex features:

Five Vincent Van Haaff designed studios.
A large tracking room (47', 36', 22').
Six additional unique and varied recording rooms.
An extensive vintage microphone collection, a large selection of vintage and modern outboard equipment.
One of the best guitar, amp, and pedal collections offered anywhere.

The studios adjoin a traditional seventy-year-old Spanish Hacienda with 12 individual bedrooms, a workout room, dining rooms, band den, patio/barbecue area, and a pool.

There are four additional houses on the ranch providing 15 more bedrooms and other kitchens and living rooms.

There are four in-house engineers with extensive experience and friendly staff which attends to meals and laundry.

Mountain biking and hiking are possible throughout the 2300 acre property along with ping-pong, pool, basketball, and other sports. All of this, along with exceptional personnel, and lack of distractions, make for a relaxed, unique, and productive atmosphere.

If you would like to visit the studio first hand, we can make arrangements for you to visit while on tour, we are halfway in between Austin and Phoenix on I-10. We will also fly you in for a day trip or overnight stay to confirm that Sonic Ranch is the right choice for your project.
Transportation is available to and from the airport, which is 45 to 60 minutes from Sonic Ranch.

With its unique atmosphere and art reflects art motif, we offer a world of exciting possibilities. The "A" Studio and Neve Studio are only a short walk up the red flagstone pathway from the Hacienda helping to optimize time in the studio, which is available around the clock. The traditional Spanish Patio, which lies within the enclosure of the 12 bedroom Hacienda, includes a pool, table tennis, and grill area for outdoor festivities. The expansive front lawn allows ample room for football, soccer, baseball, and frisbee.

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