- "a" studio -
control room

The Vincent Van Haaff designed control room is laid out with flexibility to accommodate different working styles. The racks are kept low to accommodate additional equipment and

snakes are in place to configure additional outboard. The natural wood surfaces along with the stained glass windows and the infinitely variable lighting makes for an inspiring

atmosphere to work in.

The API Legacy Plus is one of the three factory installed Neve Flaying Faders (The console was purchased in 2016 from Supernatural Studios in Portlan Oregon).


With Flaying Fader automation, 96 channels in mix down, three mix busses and 40 API 512 mic pres,

the A Studio can accommodate both, tracking and mixing at an extraordinary level.

There is a clear line of vision from the Control Room to the Back Room.

Control Room A outboard equipment, the right rack, features: 16 Neve Mic Pre's (four) 1073s, (four) 1084s, (two) 1081s, (two) 31105s,

(one) Summit Audio TPA-200A Tube PreAmp, (eighth) Focusrite ISA 85110 Mic Pre/EQ's, (twelve) API 212L Mic Pre's, (four) API 205L Mic Pre's,

(one) Teletronix LA2a, (one) TubeTech CL-1B Tube compressor, (one) Stereo dbx 160 compressor, (one) SPL transient designer,

(one) Summit Audio DCL-200 compressor, (one) Summit Audio TLA-100A Tube compressor, (two) Urei 1176 LN Rev D compressors,

(two) dbx 165A compressors.

The left rack of Control Room A features (two) dbx 166 stereo compressors, (one) Drawmer DS201 dual gates, (one) Pultec MH-4 summing mixer, (one) Lexicon 480L,

(two) Empirical Labs Distressors EL8-X compressors with british mode, (two) dbx 160x compressors, (one) Neve 2454/E compressor, (in a 500 series API rack there are)

(two) Maag EQ4, (two) API 512c Mic Pre, (two) API 560b eq's, (two) API 554 Eq's, (one) API 560 Graphic Eq, (one) API 553 Eq,(one) Pultec EQH-2 Eq, (one) Klark Teknik

DN360 Graphic Eq, (one) TC-Electronics M5000 multi processor, (one) TC-Electronic TC2290 Digital Delay, (one) Eventide H3000 Ultra-Harmonizer Multi Processor, (one) Montarbo

R16 multi processor, (one) Yamaha SPX90 multi processor. Additional outboard equipment available on request.


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