- Neve room-
big tracking room

The Big Tracking Room is 36’ by 47’ with 22’ ceilings. The ambience can be adjusted by rolling out three independent carpets and opening

or closing 10 large 4 X 8’ doors exposing absorptive material.

The drums can be set up on the teak or red oak hardwood platforms. The traventine stone offers other options along with facing in any of several directions.

The two ISO booths at the back are great to accommodate guitar amps, live percutions or any other instrument that needs isolation in live recording situations.

The Neve Big Tracking Room works great for live sessions

With large doors that can be open to absorb or can be close to reflect along with many rugs and baffles ambience can be adjusted to what is need it.

With two ISO both at the back of the Tracking Room and two ISO both in the Control Room in combination with baffling and positioning, we can get great isolation.

With the 80 channels of Neve 31105 Mic Pres in conjunction with 12 APIs and other we can handle large sessions.

This session used 75 mic inputs.

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