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The Neve Control Room features a vintage 8078 Neve console that has eighty channels of 31105 mic pre/eqs. This one of a kind vintage Neve is among the largest with an extensive history.

The flexibility of the four band 31105 Eq with hi and low pass filters and amazing summing bus make it great for both tracking and mixing.

The Control Room is slightly elevated, looking down in to the large tracking room.

The atmosphere of this Vincent Van Haaff designed control room is comfortable and spacious. With beautiful woodwork and fabrics from around the world, it's an inspirational place to work.

The two large ISO booths in the back corners can accommodate vocalists, percussion, acoustic and electric instruments while allowing musicians visual contact to the

Neve Control Room and Big Tracking Room.

Console History:

The left side of this Neve 8078 was the original west coast Motown console which later resided in Madonna's "Brooklyn" studio. Yoshiki Hayashi then acquired the studio which became Ecstasy.

The console was then combined with another 8078 by Pat Schnider and Wess Dolly into its present form.

The depth of field and stereo imaging created by the Van Haaff front wall design is amazing. The monitoring features George Augspurger designed mains with dual JBL 18” subs on each side.

The highs, mids and lows are tri-amped with Crown Macro Reference amps.Near field monitors include: NS-10's, Adams, KRK's, Genelec's, Dynaudio's, or your speaker of choice.

Neve Control Room Neve Control Room Neve Control Room

The Neve Control Room's outboard collection includes: GML 8200 eq, (twelve) API Mic Pres, (nine) API eqs including 550A's, 550B's, Neve 33609 stereo compressor,

(two) Neve 2254E's compressors, Alan Smart C2 compressor, Manley Variable MU, Urei 1178 stereo compressor, dbx 162 stereo compressor,

(two) dbx 160 compressors, Empirical Lab Fatso stereo compressor, (four) Distressor's w/british mode, (six) dbx 160x's, (two) Urei black face 1176's, (two) Telectronix LA-2A's,

(four) Pultec blue face EQP1A3's Tube programs eqs, Eventide H8000, AMS DMX 15-80 Delay, AMS RMX 16 reverb, Lexicon 200, Lexicon 480L and TC 2290.

Any additional outboard equipment needed can be acquired for a session.

Neve Control Room Neve Control Room Neve Control Room

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