- mixing room -

The Mix Room features an exceptional 64 channel, SSL G-G+ with 24 E Eqs.

A high resolution Pioneer monitor accommodates mixing for film.

With this G/G+ SSL running at the 240 volts as they were designed for, this board sounds exceptional.

With the extensive collection of analog outboard gear and plug Ins, the options are considerable.

The main monitors are Tannoy 215 DMT II, the near fields are your speaker of choice.

The Mix Studio can be configured in several ways to suit client's preferences. An additional couch can fit just behind the first rug.

The left outboard rack includes a Chandler Limited TG12413 Zener Limiter, a Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor, a stereo Manley variable MU compressor,

a stereo Neve 2264A limiter/compressor, a stereo Vac Rac TSL-4 tube limiter, a Wonder Audio PEQ1R mic pre/eq, a EPI L200 rack with 4 API 205L mic pres,

a stereo dbx 120x-DS subharmonic synthesizer, 2 Dolby Mod 362.

The right outboard racks includes 2 Distressor ELX-8 compressors with British mode, a Black face 1176LN limiter, a TubeTech CL1B compressor, a Telectronix LA-2A compressor,

2 dbx 160x compressor/limiter, a dbx FS900 rack with 2 dbx 902 de-esssers, a stereo Drawmer DS-201 gate, API 500 rack with 2 Ana Mod AM660 compressor, 2 Standard Audio Level-Or,

Two Retro Double Wide compressors, Two MAAG EQ4 eqs, a stereo GML 6200 parametic eq, 2 Pultec EQH-2 tube eqs, a stereo NTI EQ3 enhancer/eq, a stereo Klark-Teknik DN-360 Graphic EQ,

2 stereo Lexicon PCM 42 delays, a DMS DMX 15-80 S delay, a DMS RMX 16 reverb, Eventide H-8000 multi-processor, a Bricasti M7 multi effects, and a Lexicon 480L.


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