Kawai Grand Piano

The 6' 11" Kawai grand piano, an extraordinary instrument, is located in the Neve Big Tracking Room.

1929 Steinway Piano

Our 1929 Steinway with original ivory keys has an amazing warm tone that evokes emotion. This top room of the A Studio includes original lithographs by Salvador Dalí, Joan Miró and Mark Chagall.

Kawai Baby Grand

We have an extraordinary Kawai Baby Grand located in the Writing / Tracking Room next to The Mastering Suite.

Yamaha Up Right Piano

This exeptional Yamaha Up Right piano is located in the Adobe Studio, has a soft touch feature. Our vintage Fender Tweed amps include a '59 Bassman, '59 DeLux, '58 Harvard, a '51 DeLux, a '55 Champ and a '60 VibroLux. These along with our other vintage amps have unique tones specific to them.

Fender Rodhes

The Vintage Fender Rodhes is a 1973 model, which is among is the best years for Rodhes, it is in superb condition.

Wirlitzer electric piano

The vintage Wirlitzer electric piano is a 1976 and sounds great.

 Mellotron M4000D

We have two Mellotron M4000Ds wich are 24 bit digital keyboards with ca 100 Mellotron and Chamberlin sounds built in. They have a custom built full Mellotron style wood keyboard with depth sensitivity and polyphonic aftertouch out via MIDI. The front panel user inteface has 2 TFT-displays of high quality and are capable of showing pictures of the actual instruments. The M4000D is an inspiring realization of a beloved classic that adds modern conveniences while retaining the old-school magic.

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