- Sonic Ranch history -

The history of the ranch goes back more than 90 years when the land began to be cleared for cultivation. In the first half of the 20th century mules were used to pull the farm equipment until the early tractors came into use.

The ranch has included extensive cattle operations over the years and was also home to buffalo and other exotic animals.

Riley Allison (left) made major in roads into the evolution of the ranch with his contracting company. He was also a part of the General Perry cavalry expedition which chased outlaw Pancho Villa into Mexico. He was the first to plant pecan trees on the property which is now the largest continuous orchard in Texas

Allee, the five-gaited riding horse, (above) was a fixture on the ranch in the 1950’s. The herd of Palomino horses (left), some of whose decendents are still here, were also raised on the ranch.

The Hacienda has long been an oasis for relaxing and entertaining. The tradition of hosting interesting parties is something that continues into the present day in the form of musical showcases and seasonal events.

The grape vines (below) were established over 60 years ago and still reside next to the studio. Award winning roses, some of which can still be found on the property, were developed around the Hacienda in the 1940’s.


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