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Amplifiers / guitars combos

These pages feature some interesting guitar/amp combinations including: a Stevie Ray setup, Jimi Hendrix '68 Marshall/Strat setup, Brian May/George Harrisson Vox AC30, recording amp of choice, and Leslie 900 series with guitar pre-amp.

The variations made possible by the many options available at Sonic Ranch allow for imaginative experimentation to find the exact nuances, shadings, and details to optimize the track.

Two Vintage '69 Blue Face SVT heads, 8x10 cab, ESP 5 string, Music Man Stringray and Sterling, an SWR 4000 head, Triaxis cab, Manley tube direct box, Vintage 66 Percision, Jazz Deluxe, and custom 6-string offer some great sounding bass options.

Heavier guitar sounds can be achieved with our Les Pauls (including one with EMG pickups), a Korina Iceman and PRS 10 Top--through our Mesa Boogie, Triple Rectifier, 90/90 amp with Triaxis pre-amp, and Mesa Boogie concert and recording cabs.

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