Neve 8078, 80 channels of Neve 31105 mic pre/eqs, 32 ch Tape Monitor Modules in The Neve Studio control room.

Neve 8088, 40 channels of Neve 31102 mic pre/eqs with Flying Faders in the Adobe Studio control room.

API Legacy Plus, 48 Channel Console with 40 212L mic preamps and Neve Flying Faders in the A Studio control room.

SSL 4000 G/G+ 64 channels, 24 E series (black) EQ’s and Total Recall in the Mix Room.

SSL 4000 E/G Input with 40 inputs (the preferred Black series EQ) and (four) Stereo Modules in the Bungalow Studio control room.

Multi Track Tape Decks and Synchronizers:

2 Studer A827s, 24 track analog recorders and two Timeline Linx-2 synchronizers.

ATR 102, 2 track 1/2” analog recorder.

12x ProTools HD I/O.

Black Lion White Sparrow MKII A/D Converter.


Mac Pro 2 x 2.26 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon 16GB RAM.

Mac Pro 2 x 2.26 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon 12GB RAM.

Mac Pro 2 x 2.26 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon 16GB RAM.

Mac Book Pro 2.66 GHz Intel Core i7 8GB RAM.

Mac Pro 3.0GHz 8-core Intel Xeon E5 processor 64 GB RAM.

Mac Book Pro 2.8GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor.

Monitors and Amplifiers:


2x Tannoy DMT 250 II Bi-amped with JBL Subs 4645's (18's).

2x George Augspurger "ENT Dual 15" Tad 1603 drivers with TAD 4001 HF driver with wood horn.


2x Genelec 1031A Pair.

2x Adam P22A Pair.

Adam S2A.

Dynaudio Acoustics BM5A.

KRK E8T Expose.


ProAc Studio 100.

2x Yamaha NS10M.

2x Yamaha NS10M Studio.

Microphone Pre-Amps:


2x Telefunken V72 and 2x V76.

6x 1073, 4x 1084, 2x 1081, 31105, Mercenary Audio 4x 1073 w/ DI’s.


4x 512c, 4x 205L, 8x 212L.


Telefunken V72 pair and V76 pair.

Focusrite – 8x ISA 110 (from console), 2 CH. ISA 115HD.

Brent Averill 312.

Wunder Audio PEQ2R.

Summit Audio TPA-200A Dual Tube Mic Pre.

Chandler Limited EMI TG-2 12428 Dual Mic Preamp DI owned by Jerry Fin.

2x Manley Dual Mono Microphone Preamp owner by Jerry Finn.

Martech MSS-10 Mic/Line owned by Jerry Finn.


EQP1A3, 2x EQH2, 2x EQP1A.

2x GML 8200.


EAR 825 Stereo Parametric Equalizer owned by Jerry Finn.

Lang Electronics PEQ-2 owned by Jerry Finn.

Manley Mastering Pultec Tube EQ owned by Jerry Finn.


Maag Audio EQ4.

3x API 560.

2x API 553.

2x API 554.

6x API 550b.

2x 550a.


Neve 33609.

3x Neve 2254.

2x Neve 2264.

2x EAR 660 owned by Jerry Finn.

Urei 175-B.

Alan Smart C2.

Manley Mastering Variable MU T-Bar and M/S Modification.

Manley Variable MU Compressor/Limiter.

2x Urei 1176.

Dbx 162.

4x Dbx 160VU.

10x Distressor EL8-X.

2x Distressor EL8-X with “Dodds Mod” owned by Jerry Finn.

8x Dbx 160A.

4x SPL Transient Designer 4.

Chandler Limited TG-1 Limiter.

8x Urei 1176 (Black face).

5x Teletronix LA2A.

4x TubeTech CL1B.

Tube Tech CL2A.

Retro 176 Limiter.

Summit Audio DCL200.

Summit Audio TLA100.

2x Dbx 165.

2x Urei LA3A.

LA-3A Pair owned by Jerry Finn.

Chandler Limited TG12413 Zener Limiter.

2x Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor.

Inward Connections VAC RAC TSL4.

2x Dbx 902 De esser.

4x Drawmer DS201 Gate.

Inward Connection TSL-4 Stereo Tube Limiter.

2x Inovonics Inc. Model 201 Limiters owned by Jerry Finn.

API 2500.


2x Retro Compressors.

2x Anamod 660.

2x Western Dynamo 1909.


4x Lexicon 480L.

Bricasti M7.

2x AMS RMX 16 (w/extra presets).

Ursa Major Space Station.

Lexicon 200.

Eventide 2016 Reverb owned by Jerry Finn.

Lexicon PCM 70.


AMS DMX 15-80.

2x Lexicon PCM 42.

Line 6 Echo Pro.

Lexicon Super Prime Time.

2x TC Electronics 2290.

Fullton Echo Tape Delay.

Fullton Tube Echo Tape Delay.


TC Electronics M500

Eventide DSP 4000

Eventide H3000s

Yamaha SPX90

Eventide H8000


Thermionic Culture Vulture Super 15.

2 Standard Audio Level-Or.

SansAmp PSA1 (Red Edition).

Dbx 120-DS.

2 Dolby 362.


Yamaha CS-10.

Nord Stage 2.

Dave Smith Polyvolver.

Elka Synthex.

Arp Quadra.

Moog Voyager.

Moog Prodigy.


Rhodes Mark II.

Farfisa Professional Duo Organ.

Hohner Organa.

Critter and Guitari Pocket Piano.

2 Roland Juno 60s.

Roland Juno 106.

Elektron Analog Keys.

Toy Piano.

Mellotron M4000D.

1929 Steinway Grand Piano.

1983 Kawai GS-50 Grand Piano.

1998 Kawai GM-2 Baby Grand Piano.

1962 Hammond B3 Organ with 147 Leslie.

Hammond C3 Organ with 122 Leslie.

Yamaha U1 Upright Piano.

Drum Machines:

Elektron Analog Rytm.

Roland TR909.

Acid Lab Miami.

Roland 808ex.

Dave Smith Tempest.

Korg ER-1.

MPC 1000.

MPC 2500.

MPC 2000XL

Electric Guitars:


’77 Jerry Finn Les Paul Special.

’03 Oxblood.

’09 Les Paul Special (Brazilian rosewood fingerboard).

'74 ES-326.

'61 Les Paul (SG).

'61 Les Paul Special.

’61 Les Paul Jr.

'67 ES-335 (12 String).

’94 100 Year Anniversary ES335.

’91 Les Paul Standard Reissue of 1960.

’03 Billy Gibbons Gold Top (Brazilian rosewood fingerboard).

ES-336 Custom (one of 17).

’68 G.E. Smith Les Paul Custom.

’07 Les Paul Standard w/push pull pickups.

2012 Les Paul Standard Traditional Pro.

'70 Black Beauty Les Paul.

Billy Gibbons Futura (Korina).

'85 Reissue of '59 Les Paul (one of eighty).

'88 Reissue of '59 Les Paul w/Cream T Billy Gibbon Pickups.

Jimmy Page Les Paul Reissue.


Jim Ward ES-335.

’05 Les Paul Studio Raw Power.


’93 Telecaster Custom w/Strat pickups.

’75 Jerry Finn Custom Telecaster.

’95 Custom Shop Telecaster.

’65 Jazzmaster.

2014 Jazzmaster Reissue of ’65.

’68 Sunburst Stratocaste.

SRV Number One Stratocaster Replica.

’61 SRV Esquire.

Jimi Hendrix Monterrey Stratocaster Replica.

’63 Jaguar.

Billy Gibbons Custom Scorpion Esquire.

’92 Telecaster Special w/P90’s.

’62 Custom Stratocaster.

70’s Custom Stratocaster “Boydcaster”.

TR CR Custom Strat w/Seymour Duncan pickups.

Custom Baritone.

2014 Bass VI.

Left Handed Telecaster Standard.


Gretsch Black Penguin.

Gretsch George Harrison Duo Jet.

Paul Reed Smith Custom 22 10 Top Blue.

Paul Reed Smith Custom 22 Black Sunburst.

Godin Artisan TC.

’76 Ibanez Iceman.

’65 Epiphone El Dorado.

James Trussant Steelcaster Custom.

Acoustic and Classical Guitars:

‘65 Gibson Hummingbird.

‘65 Martin 12 string.

’54 Martin D-18.

‘66 Guild D35 six string.

‘78 Santa Cruz six string.

‘82 Ramirez Classical.

Fender Taditional Pro six string.

F47 David Garza Guild six string.

Sakurai Standard Classical.

Alvarez Signature Series six string.

Sundown Pete Martin.

Bass Guitars

Music Man Stingray (left handed).

Music Man Sterling.

‘66 Fender Precision.

Fender Custom Jazz Deluxe.

'66 Fender Jazz Bass.

ESP Horizon 5.

’62 Fender Music Master.

’76 Fender Precision.

’80 Fender Precision.

’04 Lakland 55-94 5 String.

’98 Fender Jazz Bass 5 String.

2013 Fender Fiesta Red Precision.

Guitar Amps


‘69 Marshall Purple Plexi full stack.

‘67 Marshall MKII Plexi head.

‘97 Marshall Slash 100 watt head.

’92 Marshall 30 year Anniversary 100 watt w/cab.

‘97 35th anniversary MKII Super Lead 100 watts with 1960 Cab (white).

’79 Ministry’s Al Jourgensen Flammable JMP 100watts head.

’72 Dokken’s Billy White Marshall “ALL”.

Marshall 1959 SLP Super Lead MKll 100 watts “Splawn Mod” owned by Jerry Finn.

Marshall JCM 100/50W owned by Jerry Finn.

2 Marshall 1960 Lead 4x12 Speaker Cabinets owned by Jerry Finn.

2 Marshall 1960 Lead 4x12 Speaker Cabinet owned by Al Jourgensen.


1966 Vox AC 30 top boost.

Custom JMI Handwired AC30.

Custom Vox AC30 (Italian flag tolex).

Custom Vox AC30 Marshall Mod (Mexican flax tolex and controls).

Vintage Vox 2x12 cab with Celestion Vintage 30s.


1959 Fender Bassman.

1961 Fender Concert.

1966 Fender Blackface Super Reverb.

1964 Fender Blackface Twin.

1959 Fender Tweed Deluxe.

1960 Fender Tweed Vibrolux.

1958 Fender Tweed Harvard.

1961 Fender Deluxe.

1964 Fender Blackface Deluxe.

1951 Fender Tweed Deluxe.

1962 Fender Bassman Combo.

1962 Fender Showman Combo.

1963 Fender Blackface Showman Combo.

1955 Fender Tweed Champ.

1965 Blackface Vibrolux Reverb.

Blackface Twin Reverb with JBL Speakers.

Fender Hot Rod Deville.


Kendrick Do Awl (1 of 5 handmade).

Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier full stack.

Soldano Hot Rod 100w+.

1962 Watkins Dominator w/stereo tremolo.

2 Komet 60 heads.

Bogner Ubershall w/cab.

Jerry Finn’s Bogner Shiva.

Bad Cat Lynx 50 half stack.

Epiphone Valve Junior Head.

1969 Leslie 900.

Bogner 212C Cab 2x12” closed back owned by Jerry Finn.

Roland Jazz Chorus JC-120.

Hiwatt DR-103 Custom 100 Head owned by Jerry Finn.


2 1969 Blue Face SVT heads

2 Jerry Finn’s Ampeg B15N Fliptops

3 Ampeg 8x10 cabinets

2 SVT 2-PRO heads

SVT4 ProHead

EPIFANI Ultra Light 502 head w/ 12" cab

Acoustic B20

Guitar Pedals

Dallas-Arbiter Fuzz Face.

EH Electric Mistress.

EH Bad Stone.

Ibanez TS9.

Ibanez TS10.

Roland RE 301 Echo-Chorus.

Matchless Hot Box Preamp.

Bixonic Expandora.

MoogerFooger Ring Modulator.

MoogerFooger Cluster Flux.

MoogerFooger 12 Stage Phaser.

MXR Stereo Chorus.

Fulltone Supa-Trem.

Fulltone ‘69.

Fulltone Ultimate Octave.

Fulltone Full-Drive 2.

Fulltone Clyde Wah Wah Pedal.

EH Original Big Muff.

2 EH Russian Big Muffs.

ADA Flanger.

Digitech Talker.

Digitech Whammy-Wah.

Digitech WH-1 Whammy.

Fender Fuzz-Wah.

DOD 670 Flanger.

DOD 680 Analog Delay.

Ibanez FL9 Flanger.

Ibanez SM9 Super Metal.

MXR Stereo Chorus.

Ibanez CS9 Stereo Chorus.

Sans Amp Bass Driver DI.

2 Kendrick ABC Line Splitters.

EH Memory Man.

MXR Blue Box.

Ensoniq CVP1.

TC Electronics Chorus Flanger.

TC Electronics Nova Delay.

Line 6 Echo Pro.

Keeley Compressor.

Legendary Tones Time Machine Boost.

Dunlop Cry Baby Wylde.

ProCo RAT Distortion Pedal.

Boss Metal Zone MT-2 (Keeley Mod).

Zvex Super Hard On.

Zvex Mastotron.

Xotic AC Booster.

Boss RT-20 Rotary Ensamble.

Fulltone OCD V1.

Keeley Katana Clean Boost.

Cry Baby Bass Wah.

Morley Bad Horsie 1 and 2.

Tube Works Tube Overdrive.

EH Holy Grail.

Foxx Tone Machine.

Ibanez PT1000.

ProCo Rat.

Ibanez Sound Tank compressor.

Dan Electro Daddy O.

Morley Little Alligator.

Morley AB Y Pedal.

Malekko Bassmaster.

Maestro Fuzztain.

Ibanez WH10.

Dwarfcraft Devices Synth Mangler.

TC Nova System.

Boss OS2.

EH Microsynth.

Vox Tonelab.

Ekdhal Moisturizer.

Empress Vintage Modified Super Delay.

Eventide Space.

Way Huge Swollen Pickle.

Ampeg Sub Driver.

Creepy Fingers Doomdrive.

Univox Micro Phazer.

Boss TR2 (Keeley mod).

Elektron Analog Heat.

Strymon Blue Sky Reverb.

HeaEarth Quaker Devices



Rainbow Machine.

Grey Channel.

Bit Commander.


Spatial Delivery.


Disaster Transport SR.

Interstellar Orbiter.

Diamond Compressor.

Drum Kits

DW Collector’s Series drum kit with natural maple finish. Kit features 10",12",13",14",16" and 18" toms, dual 18x22" kick drums with DW 5000 Delta II kick pedals.

DW Signature Series Curly Maple Kit w/Gold plated hardware. Kit features 10", 12" 13" 14" and 16" toms, 18x22" kick drum with DW 9000 series hi-hat and double kick pedal.

'79 Rogers Butchers Block Powertone kit includes a 13x12 tom, 16x16 floor tom, 20x18 floor tom and 24x18 Kick.

'79 blue oyster Ludwig includes a 22x16 kick, 12, 13 and 16" toms.

'73 Rogers kit includes a 12x10, 13x11, 14x12 toms, 15x14, 16x16 floor toms and 16x24 Kick 28" 1920's Slingerland concert.

Gretsch New Classic Maple Series with natural maple finish. Kit features 10”, 12”, 14”, and 20” kick.

28” 1928 Leedy Kick.

28” 1930’s Slingerland Kick.



“The Edge” 6"x14".

“Craviotto” 5”x14".

“Deep Maple” 6”x14".

(matching to kit) 5.5"x14" Custom Series.


Hand hammered brass 14"x5" and 14"x3"

70’s Acrolite



Black Beauty Hand Hammered 14”x 5”

Black Beauty 14”x 5”

Acrolite 14x 5”


Joe Montineri 7”x14"

Pearl Onyx 7"x12" and 3”x14"

Maple Piccolo

Yamaha 10 lug brass piccolo w/ die-cast hoops

ADM 5”x14”

Q Copper Custom 14”x6.5”



14" Avedis Master Sound HH.


13" K series HH.

14" Z custom HH.

20”A Custom Projection Ride.

21" Z custom Megabell ride.

10”A custom Splash.

12”A Custom Splash.

14”A Custom Crash.

16”A custom projection crash.

16" Z custom Rock crash.

18” A Custom Projection crash.

18" Z custom Rock crash.

18” A custom Crash.

16" Oriental china.

17" K series china.


17" Hand Hammered crash.

21" Hand Hammered vintage ride.

22" Medium ride.


10" Signature splash.

14" Signature medium hi-hat.

18" 2002 China.

20” Signature bright ride.


3 Telefunken 251s (two are matched pair).

3x Telefunken U47 Long Body chrome top (two are matched pair).

2x Stephen Paul Neumann U67.

2x AKG C12’s.

2x Neumann M250.

2x Neumann KM53.

2x Neumann KM54.

2x Neumann M269.

2x Neumann M249.


Altec 167.

AKG C60.

5x Neumann U87’s.

6x Coles 4038.

Neumann KLM 84’s.

3x Neumann U47 FET.

2x AKG 414 ULS.

2x AKG 414 TLll.

AKG 451’s.

AKG 460’s.

AKG C451EB’s.

AKG D12.

AKG D112’s.

Sennheiser 421’s.

Sennheiser 441.

Sennheiser e609.

6x Royer R121.

Shure SM 57's.

3x Shure SM57 Mercenary Audio.

Telefunken M80.

Sennheiser E902.

3x Shure SM7b.

Shure Beta 52’s.

Electro Voice RE20’s.

Electro Voice 666.

Crown PZM and Stereo PZM.

Audix D6.

Audix OM7.


Shure Beta 56.

Ampex 1101.

Shure Green Bullet.

Radioshak PZM’s.

3x RCA77.

RCA 44.

3x RCA BK5.

2x AEA R92.

2x AEA R88.

2x Blue Ball.

Audix i5.

Audix d4.

Audix d2.

Beyer Dynamic m88.

2x Sony C37.

6x Audio Technica ATM 450.

3x Audio Technica AE2500.

Direct Boxes:

Avalon M5.

Éclair Evil Twin.

Ridge Farm Gas Cooker.

Radial JDI’s.

Countryman Type 85’s.

Radial Pro DI’s.

Video and Film Equipment:

Canon 5D Mark III w/additional lenses.

Arri Lighting Kit.

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