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control room

The Sonic Ranch Adobe Control Room is designed by Vincent Van Haaff. Integrated into an original 100 year old Southwest adobe structure, this studio has an atmosphere all its own.

The Vintage 8088 Neve in the Adobe Studio has 40 channels of all class A 31102 mic pre/eq and Neve flying fader automation.

With a ProTools HD 3 system that includes 32 inputs and 40 outputs, extensive plugins, outboard gear, a compressive patch bay, and flying faders automation,

this console is great for both tracking and mixing.

The monitoring features George Augspurger designed mains which are complemented with dual JBL 18” subs on each side. The highs, mids and lows are tri-amped with Crown amplifiers.

This class A tracking console is complemented with a great collection of vintage outboard gear which includes: (four) API 512 Mic Pres and (ten) API 212 Mic pres, (four) API 550b Eqs,

(two) API 560 graphic Eqs, (two) Black Face 1176 compressors, (two) dbx 165 compressors, (two) Distressors w/British mode, Alan Smart stereo compressor, LA 2A compressor,

(two) dbx 160x, Tube tech TL-18 compressor and (two) Pultec EQH 2 Eqs. A extensive collection of near field monitors include ProAc, Adams, KRKs, Genelecs, Dynaudio, NS-10s and others.


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